Finances and the Millennial Mindset

Alright guys, girls, and anyone who chooses to identify differently, we need to talk. Millennials, as a whole, do not do well with money. This isn’t to say everyone of course. I am a millennial and have always done well with my money, regardless of my earnings. I also know plenty of other millennials who, just like me, are good with their money. People want to say that millennials don’t do well with money because they are lazy or because (omg) they spend all their money on avocado toast (omg again). While some of these things (lack of work ethic and unnecessary spending habits) may be true amongst millennials, these characteristics are pretty common across generations. There are always people who fit these molds. This is not why millennials do poorly with money.

There is a common bit of advice given when it comes to job interviews and other things. That advice is “make your weaknesses strengths.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this. But on the flip side, sometimes strengths can actually be weaknesses, and this is why millennials do poorly with money: we are too damn resourceful. To make a point, I’m sure some of you may have googled the definition of resourceful and that, my latte-sipping friends, is case in point. Millennials rely on other people and computers, whether it’s your safari browser, Alexa, or some cool apps, to get things done and gain proper understanding. Let’s be honest – when you were in college, you spent way more time searching answers online, getting the notes from friends, and having your classmates teach you the material than actually putting in the work to gain the understanding in a classroom setting. Let’s get something clear: this is amazing. This is literally the fundamental purpose of the internet (and friends). The problem when it comes to money, is that our generation (again, generalized) has the resources but does not have the “classroom setting” education.

Obviously none of us are going to go back to college or take online courses to learn personal finance. We are going to learn it on our own, online, sitting in front of our MacBooks at Starbucks at 7:30 am before our day jobs. This is perfect. Read up, and, ideally, check back here for more posts about personal finance. Learn about things like compound interest, net worth, amortization, and a bunch of other (not so) invigorating topics. And, since we are the most resourceful generation ever, you can also find stuff about really great personal finance resources such as a new, super awesome and charitable financial app called Sherpa (see it at

That’s all from us right now, we just wanted to chime in with our two cents and give an intro to why millennials have a hard time and how we are all going to work together to change it one person at a time.

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